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Posted On 26/02/18

TRICHUR SURGICALS or Trisco is a reputed and growing manufacturer and dealer of surgical instruments. They have units in Trivandrum, Kochi, and Trichur.They manufacture and export high-quality merchandises with high precision. Their repertoire of products is varied and is designed as per specifications to meet the needs of the customers. The use of high-end technology for manufacturing guarantees the precision and quality of the product. Their products are compliant with ISO standards. TRISCO was found in 1958 and since its inception, the company has grown from strength to strength. The enthusiasm for the best customer experience has let them induce the use of latest technical know-how for manufacturing an export quality product with utmost precision. They have also adapted to the needs of the customers at home and manufactured products to meet with specifications at affordable prices. In years they have come a long way shaping up as a complete destination for surgical instruments in Kerala.

Surgical Equipment Manufactured

Some of the products manufactured by Trichur Surgicals include,
1) Wheel chairs
2) Surgical tables
3) Orthopedic tables
4) Gyneac tables
5) TS-115 Electro-Mechanical Surgical table
6) Patient handling accessories
7) Surgical lights
8) Overbed tables and seating solutions
9) Operating theatre trolleys
are just a few to name. As a brand TRISCO is a leading name in the surgical instrument segment.

Growth Of Surgical Instrument Segment In Kerala

In the last decade, Kerala has seen a manifold rise in the number of traders dealing with surgical equipment. With the aid of innovations, the manufacturing sector has woken up to the demands of the industry creating a healthy environment for competition and growth. Kerala boasts of a number of units where surgical instruments are manufactured for home customers and for export. So in retrospective, the surgical instruments industry is in the nascent stage of growth and is in for a long haul.

Surgical Instruments And Influence Of Technology

Surgical instruments play a major role from the point a patient consults a doctor to the point he is discharged. Besides the advantage of the arrival of technologically aided inventions in healthcare equipment, the competition that has come along with invention has created a booming business worldwide for surgical instruments. In India, especially in Kerala where the reputation of the healthcare industry has grown beyond boundaries, the environment is ripe for traders to do business in surgical instruments. The new age surgical instruments fall into three categories; surgical sutures and staplers; handheld surgical devices and electrosurgical devices.

Technology has been dominating all walks of life in the last decade with new inventions hitting the market before the earlier version finds a foothold. This trend has seen many industries change the way it functions. One such industry that has seen a sea change with the advent of technology is the healthcare industry. The advancement in technology brought in a whole lot of new equipment and skillet to second-tier cities and small towns. The best part of all this is that now the general public has access to facilities at affordable prices and technology has played a vital role to this end.

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