TS 125 High Pressure Sterilizer


Salient Features

  • End ring hydraulically formed without joints to sustain required pressure. All other joints Argon Arc welded
  • Unique Multiport valve located at the top. Controls all operations manually
  • Two safety valves (dated Wt. & Spring loaded) and a pressure switch provided to prevent accidental pressure build up.
  • Low water level device for heater protection.
  • Pressure lock device for the door
  • Possible to run at high speed if customer wants at a later date by modifying pressure and heating devices.
  • Vacuum system incorporated through multiport valve makes linen dry.


  • Works on 121 degree C at 14 psi (1.05 kgf/cm square to 1.2 times the working pressure)
  • Power:- 9kv, 440v, 3-phase
  • First Cycle:- 90 Minutes
  • Subsequent:- 40 Minutes


  • Thermograph
  • Electronic chat recorder

Unit Price : 1,35,000.00

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